We advise companies and governments on the combined impact of international events, global trends and technology, helping them to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

  Navigating the digital forest...

Navigating the digital forest...


Impact through unique advice


We give strategic advice. We add a new dimension to your board level strategy and assurance, helping you handle the increasing convergence of political, regulatory and technological risks and opportunities. We help develop your people and governance as the risks evolve. We help you recruit the right people for cyber, data and digital roles and we give them unique mentoring and support to ensure their success.

Wychwood Partners are a network of senior leaders with extensive experience in defence, national security and foreign policy across the globe.  This is combined with practical experience of the transformation of organisations in order to balance cyber risk with digital innovation. The transformation had to be delivered whilst handling global threats. To succeed we had to deal with some of the toughest problems that are now crowding Board agendas.

We remain immersed in the next wave of digital innovation, working with start-ups in the UK, Silicon Valley and elsewhere on innovative approaches to cyber security, machine learning, robotics, cloud security, blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence. We also remain connected to international politics and events at senior level. A unique combination of international networks, policy and technological expertise keeps our knowledge fresh and our judgements relevant.



Strategic advice to Chairmen, CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and Boards on the interplay between global events, trends, threats and technology, allowing them to balance cyber risk and digital innovation. We provide a bespoke service combining board sessions, personal mentoring and availability by email or phone for urgent advice as required.

We act as catalysts for your development of cyber and digital innovation strategies. We help you navigate the cultural changes necessary for digital transformation to succeed.

We audit, update or write your digital innovation or cyber strategies, bringing in the right experts from our unique network to work closely with your top team.  We help you choose the right suppliers in a crowded market.

We have particular expertise on combined political and cyber risk; board level governance of cyber risks; NED mentoring and development; and the management and investigation of insider threats.


Cyber and digital leadership assessment.  Using the CIRO five level maturity model devised by Wychwood, we help you to answer "what does good look like?" on the leadership of your cyber security function.  We work out development plans for key members of your teams.  We are developing a similar maturity model for digital transformation and data roles.  

Executive search: We help you find outstanding cyber and digital leaders for key roles, whether temporary or permanent, executive or non-executive advisors.  We give the people we find access to unique mentoring and support through our network, working to ensure their success and impact in your organisation.

Scenario-based training: We shape and run innovative training and learning experiences for senior executives from Board level down.